HP ServiceCenter decoding RAD's - Login - Part 1

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A quick look at the first RAD to be executed on login to HP ServiceCenter. It’s called “login”


Looking at it it has several panels:

  • parameter (special type login)
  • start (special type configure)
  • init.info (rinit)
  • select.info (select)
  • init.name (process)
  • etc


(Almost) Every RAD has the panels parameter and start. See below drawing for a short description of each step.



The flowchart for the panels described above. These are the first panels in the login RAD.



The parameter panel defines the input parameters that the RAD “application” should receive.


This is similar to function login(username, password) in JavaScript



The start panel marks the start of execution for a RAD panel. It’s the entry point. For a JavaScript function this would be the first line.


This panel defines that the following panel should be init.info



Init panels initalize a variable to match a table (called file in ServiceCenter). This is kind of like allocating memory to a struct in C, or constructing a class in JavaScript


In this case the table (file) is init. The init table contains some systemwide records like the list of processes to start at server startup and the company record.



This panel executes a select to get the company record from the init table (file)



Process panels are panels that contain “code”. This particular panel mainly initializes variables.

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